• State-of-the-Art Vision & Eye Health Examinations
  • Detection & Management of Ocular Disorders and Disease
  • Full Service Eyewear Studio with Certified Optician
  • Contact/Corneal Lens Analysis, Design, & Training
  • Sports, Aviation, & Occupational Vision
  • Surgery Consultation & Coordination
  • School, Business, & Club Vision Screening Programs

Ask About our:

  • Two-Year Frame & Lens Warranty
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed Contact Lens Program
  • Personalized Prescription Promise
  • No-Obligation Contact Lens & Surgery Consultation
  • Convenient "Sunrise", "Lunch", & "Sunset" Appointments

Facilities and Equipment

Our new office is conveniently located on the ground floor of the Central Pike Center on Central Pike. Parking is "hassle free" with plenty of front door parking. Our Pre-Exam and Exam Suites have modern equipment including: the Nidek ARK9000 (Auto-Refract-Topographer), Optomap Retinal Scan, Topcon Biomicroscope, Keeler Direct & Indirect Ophthalmoscopes, Marco Lensometer & Radiuscope, Bausch & Lomb Keratometer, Reichert Phoropter, FDT Visual Field Unit, Essilor Digital Pupilometer, and Titmus 2s Screener. The Eyewear Studio offers a warm and friendly atmosphere in which to choose from our large selection of traditional, functional, and "cutting edge" eyewear. Last but not least, we are wheelchair accessible and child friendly.