Rebates & Free Delivery on Most Contacts

For a limited time, the makers of most disposable contact lenses are offering free home delivery and $20 to $100 Rebates when you order your year supply of lenses. We will do our best to track down rebates on any brand. So call today about our latest promotions, and let us know what you're wearing.

Two-Year Frame & Lens Warranty

Our eyewear studio also features Revolution, Aspex, MDx (w/ magnetic polarized sun-clip), Nine West, Elle, Kate Spade, Verge', Chesterfield, Valmax, Flexon, Safilo, Barbie, X-Games, Jonathan Cate, Flexon for Kids, Kids Central, Mickey, Marchon, and Aristar. With our "Two-Year Frame & Lens Warranty" included on most frames and our "Lifetime Cleaning & Adjustment Commitment", we are confident that we can satisfy your eyewear needs and desires.

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Flex Spending

Figuring out your Flex Spending Account can be a tricky business. Somewhere in the process, pre-taxed money is transferred from your paycheck into your FSA so you can save what you would have paid in taxes and spend what you need on health care, like that annual eye exam you’ve been putting off. You will be saving an average of 30%, or $300 for every $1000 you transfer into your FSA! The key thing to remember, of course, is not forgetting to spend the money before it expires at the end of the year.

Many people forget that their flex dollars can qualify for anything from prescription eyewear to contact lens solution. Even if you need to use up your flex dollars before the new year hits, that doesn’t mean you should purchase anything you don’t need. Here are some suggestions for spending your flex dollars wisely:

Prescription sunglasses

Just as long as they really are fit to your prescription, sunglasses usually qualify for flex spending! And if you wear glasses, these are a great option to choose instead of always switching to contacts before hitting the beach. Polarized prescription sunwear is also beneficial, especially if you enjoy a lot of outdoor activities.

Contact lenses

Running out of contact lenses is a royal pain, so stocking up on extra sets is the perfect way to spend your flex dollars. You can also use the money to purchase a year's’ worth of necessary items like contact lens cleaning solutions, enzyme cleaners, and eye drops.

Specialty Lenses

If you work on a computer all day, play a lot of sports, or simply want to change up your look, your flex dollars can go toward your second pair of eyewear! Blue-blocking, anti-glare lenses are great for computer use. Sports safety glasses or goggles offer both increased visual acuity and great eye protection.

Talk to us if you have extra flex spending dollars. You don’t want to lose out on their great benefits, schedule an appointment with us today!